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Work continues with gusto


Volunteers have been hard at work this week.  Various tubs have been painted as have the benches in the playground.  Sadly graffitti appeared on one of the benches less than 24 hours after it was painted.  We are chasing up the CCTV.

The hydrangeas have now been weeded and the area behind strimmed.  We thank the FAS workers who helped us with this project.  The knotweed near the beds will be cleared within the next week.

The bed in Ball Alley Lane near the Hamilton High School has been weeded and we have planted begonias around the outside.  Sadly some of the geraniums have been stolen which is so frustrating for volunteers who spend hours of their time tending these plants.

Volunteers also cleared the wall and footpath near the Poachers Inn.  It was covered in weeds which were invading a well used walk along the Clon Road.

Our AGM will be held next Wednesday, 24th June at 7pm in the Plunkett Room of the Munster Arms hotel and will last no longer than 1 hour.